By Nicolas Rougier
(c) 2000-2002
Released under the GNU general public license

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Documentation - FAQ

1. How do I know what kind of mailbox I have ?
Ask your system administrator is certainly the quickest way.
Another way is to check options from your previous biff program.

2. How do I run the IMAP4 and POP3 protocols over an SSL connection ?
Suppose you are on computer A and your mailserver is on a computer B that use SSL. You can use the stunnel command on computer A to redirect packets from computer A to computer B.

Example for pop3 and spop3:
On computer A type stunnel -c -d 110 -r computerB:995
That will redirect packets from computer A:110 to computer B:995 (from pop3 on computer A to spop3 on computer B)
Now you can start gbiff on computer A and configure it to check mail using computer A:110 for address and pop3 for protocol.

3. Why gbiff doesn't play a sound when new mail has arrived ?
gbiff assumes you have a 'play' command to play a sound. If you do not have this command, then gbiff will fail at playing a sound when new mail has arrived.

4. I would like gbiff to have this feature, can you implement it ?
It depends if the feature is really useful or not. I have already a long list of requested features but I have not enough time to consider all of them.

5. Why gbiff cannot save my password? Why can't I put my password on command line options ?
gbiff doesn't save your password because it is higlhy unsecure. There exist some ways to add some security while saving your password but in any case, if someone really wants to know your password, it is fairly easy to do so. For these same reasons, it is even more insecure to give your password on the command line options since a simple command like 'ps -fu' can then display your password.
If you really want to have your password saved, you can do so by hacking the source but I really do not encourage this.

6. I want my names in the credits window, what do I need to do ?
Mainly, you have to contribute to gbiff one way or the other. You can for example translate gbiff in your own language or provide some code (for example  making gbiff dockable in KDE and WindowMaker).

7. gbiff does not work, why ?
I fixed a lot of bugs in gbiff since the first version but it is likely that some bugs remains. If you have trouble with gbiff, please tell me and try to precise what is the exact bug, gbiff behavior, if the bug is reproductible... If you only send me an email telling me gbiff doesn't work, I can hardly help you.