By Nicolas Rougier
(c) 2000-2002
Released under the GNU general public license
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gbiff currently supports both English and French languages.
If you want to contribute to gbiff, you can help by translating gbiff in you own language.

How to translate gbiff:

  1. Get the file gbiff.pot from the po directory of the latest gbiff distribution
  2. Copy this file to {your language ISO 639 2-letter codes}.po into the po directory
    1. example: french language will give file fr.po
  3. Translate the file :
  4. Set the ALL_LINGUAS in to add your language (each language is separated by a space)
    1. example: ALL_LINGUAS="fr de es" for french, german and spanish
  5. make; make install
  6. If it works, please send me the file.