By Nicolas Rougier
(c) 2000-2002
Released under the GNU general public license
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Documentation - Running

Version 2.6

gbiff is quite simple to use so it does not really need a full documentation.
I only give here some tips and informations about the graphical user interface (GUI).

If you experencied problems with window positionning when compiled without GNOME
support, try to play with WM_DECORATION_WIDTH and WM_DECORATION_HEIGHT
in gbiff.h. It seems there is a bug with some window manager and I cannot fix it properly with
the current version of GTK (1.2.x)


GNOME Version

GTK Version

Command line option (overrides gnome session savings)
--protocol=[file,pop3,imap4,maildir,mh]  Protocol to use for checking mail
--address=LOCATION  Location of the mailbox (path or address)
--user=USERNAME Username for login to a remote mailbox
--polltime=POLLTIME Check mail every POLLTIME seconds
--poptime=POPTIME Display popup windows for POPTIME
--pop_geom=GEOMETRY Display popup at specified coordinate
--win_geom=GEOMETRY Display window at specified coordinate
--title=NAME Title of the mailbox
--nosound No sound when new mail has arrived
--sndfile=SOUNDFILE Soundfile to play when new mail has arrived
--mailpix=PIXMAP Pixmap to use when new mail has arrived
--nomailpix=PIXMAP Pixmap to use when no mail
--nopopup No popup when new mail has arrived
--notitle No title in popup window
--nodate No date in popup window
--font=FONT  Font to used in popup window
--noconfigure Skip the configure process (no mail configuration window)